Before I give you the lowdown on what 2021 is going to bring you, I have to make a confession: I am now a political orphan. I am a man without a home politics-wise. You see, I grew up in Boston, literally the most liberal, progressive city this side of the the Mississippi River. I grew up about 10 miles south of the birthplace of JFK. I heard my whole life that the Democratic party fought for the little man. David, you’re poor, the democrats fight for you. Republicans are the country club party. Old, rich white guys with way to much money and way too many golf clubs. Around age 20, I started to realize that everything I have ever been told my entire life is bullshit. It’s so funny to me that with the advent of Donald Trump’s Republican party, the script has completely flipped. Democrats are now the party of Wall Street. The party of big banks, high taxes and over regulations. The Republicans under Trump have become the party of the working man. The party of American exceptionalism.

After seeing so many establishment republicans turn their back on us after the great election fraud of 2021, I can no longer support the republican party. Now, I can never support over taxing, over spending, establishment democrats. Fear not, the progressive party is completely at odds with my ideals. What are my ideals? I am an America first, economic nationalist, and populist. It’s really quite easy. I want my Government small. My speech free, and my constitution upheld. I have voted for the Republicans in every major local and general election in my lifetime. I will do so no longer. The gutless actions of establishment GOP members have soured me so bad I am continually washing my mouth out with soap. From Mitch Mcconnell’s gutless actions on the stimulus, to Dan Crenshaw’s war mongering and cowardly actions around the capitol siege of January 6.


It’s time for a 3rd party in this country. A party of America first nationalists, with the constitution as the guiding light.

I present to you the Patriot Party.

I have no idea if it will take. I certainly won’t be the leader. We cannot overlook that 75 Million Trump voters have been shunned by Republicans and demonized by the left. They don’t want us. Good. We don’t want you either.

Lets segue now into some predictions and some things I think I think about 2021:

  1. The formation of a 3rd party: Let’s be real, the 2 party system is tired. Donald Trump got more votes than any incumbent in history, and let’s be real Trump isn’t a republican. He is a fire breathing populist. The republican party has shunned Trump since 2016, 75 millio0n people are disenfranchised with the establishment republicans, and the left is absolutely insane. The time is right. It’s time to burn the republican party to the ground, get back to what the party was always about and come back stronger than ever.


2. Court Packing: Joe Biden would never answer the question on court packing in the lead up to the 2020 election. Biden said when asked ” You will find out when I am elected” Well I am here to report Biden will in fact pack the Supreme Court. The democrat establishment is about power. Holding onto it and never letting go. Packing the court with their own justices will ensure this. Adding new justices will be one of the first orders of business in the Biden/Harris administration.


3. TNN goes live and Trump buys a social media platform: Donald Trump is literally never going away. Trump will lure top talent onto his new news network christened: The Trump News Network(TNN) Any conservative talent that isn’t nailed down to long term deals will be lured away. It will run 24 hours and Trump will do his own weekly podcast. That’s not it, Trump will also buy his own social media network, it will be a platform alternative to Twitter and Facebook and will be live by late Spring. Donald Trump will be more popular and relevant after his presidency than ever.


4.The Radical left gets more…well..Radical: The radical left will go insane in 2021. I am talking adding states. I am talking banning words like Mother, Father, and Son. I am talking anyone going into any bathroom, at any time depending on how they identify at that moment. The green new deal will pass further ending out oil and gas industry. We will get back into the Paris Accord. Cows and cars will be banned. Reperations will be passed. Socialism takes hold. They have total unchecked power, owning the Senate and the White House. Be afraid.. Very.


5.Joe Biden…We hardly knew ye: Joe Biden won’t make it out of 2021 with his title. The President-select is a demented. He literally cant speak. He’s as dirty as a bathroom floor in Calcutta, he is totally unfit. Also what really tips me off is that the media is starting to cover the Hunter Biden coked -out freak show, which makes me believe they are greasing the skids for Kamala Harris. In 2021, Harris will ascend to the presidency, meaning a canidate who got 0.1 percent of the primary vote, who literally nobody wanted will be the President. Yay America! Harris is totally awkward, inauthentic and frankly impossible to like, but you know, she’s a black woman so we cannot talk about that. Again, be afraid..


6. I get thrown off social media: I am on my 3rd Facebook profile. I am currently under restriction, and can’t comment on certain things. I am thinking 2021 is the year I get a permanent ban. Just remember, I am a Patriot first, and I will go down swinging.


Is there reason to be optimistic? You are damn right! Americans are waking up to how depraved the people who govern them are. This is a great thing. People have turned against the corporate media, and the people are starting to go ”woke” I love this. If you love this country you have to support this. The enemy of the people is the media. The stoked this fire for Four years. Calling you a ”Nazi” ”White Supremacist” ”Russia” People are waking up. Better times are ahead.


Stay woke Patriots. Were in this together.

A view of the North Portico of the White House, Wednesday June 14, 2017 in Washington D.C. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

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