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Tactic (definition): a conceptual action aiming at the achievement of a goal. This action can be implemented as one or more specific tasks. (Wikipedia)


Different Tactics for Different Groups & Objectives

What comes to mind when you hear the word “tactic?”  As a former Green Beret, my first thought used to be either The Ranger Handbook or FM 7-8 (Field Manual for the Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad).  These two books teach the tactical doctrine used by the US Army combat arms, for everyone from an Infantry squad rifleman to a Special Forces ODA (Operational Detachment-Alpha).

The knowledge inside of these two books was drilled into my head for years, beginning in Infantry Basic Training and following me through the Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC), drills with my ODA in training and real-life react-to-contact maneuvers while deployed downrange.

But when I hear the word now another usage comes immediately to mind, even before that which was drilled into my muscle memory from years of reading, rehearsing and using my blood, sweat & tears to perfect: politics (particularly those of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)).

If you’re a fan of President Trump or have done even a cursory amount of your own research on the man you likely know that he has a book of his own from which his tactical doctrine is derived: “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.  I’ve had a copy of this for years, which along with “The 36 Stratagems” and “The Prince” (Machiavelli) I’ve used to wrap my head around the deeper meanings, purposes and knock-on effects of geopolitics, both of today and the past.

If you’ve heard about Trump’s use of “The Art of War” but think it only to be rumor, told by his most fervent supporters (of which I did not start as, but have become over the past few months), you should read this article “Sun Tzu and the Trump Doctrine,” written by a former Forbes publisher and Trump confidant for the ASU Thunderbird School of Global Management.

But if soldiers in the US Army have a tactical doctrine and President Trump has a tactical doctrine, from where do the DNC derive their tactics for the political war they’ve been waging against President Trump since the last election?  For those of us who have been paying attention with both eyes open, we have come to learn that their tactical doctrine comes from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

Conservatives have rumored this since Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, but it seems as if the DNC isn’t even trying to hide it anymore based on their actions in the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings.

Rules for Radicals in Use

Over the past month I’ve been working on an article regarding Dr. Carter Page and the disgusting and possibly criminal way the media attacked and attempted to assassinate his character.  Having his incorrigible treatment by the media fresh in my mind, I haven’t been able to shake a particular thought since the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings began: the tactics being used against Judge Kavanaugh are the same that were used against Dr. Page.  

They are using the same tactics and people to accomplish the same goal: to reverse the democratically elected outcome of the 2016 presidential election.  

If you don’t know anything more about Dr. Page than what you heard from the media during their assault on his character, let me assure you: most of what you know is absolutely wrong, omitting many extremely important facts and purposely misleading.

I began researching what happened to Dr. Page after reading this Tweet thread by Monsieur America (here is the ThreadReader app unroll so that you may read in its entirety) and realized just how little I knew about Dr. Page’s actual background.

For starters, despite his PhD the media never referred to him as “Dr” so they could insult his intelligence, he was a veteran of Naval Intelligence, worked at The Pentagon, was a Trident Scholar at the Naval Academy (reserved for the top 15%), was awarded an International Affairs Scholarship from the Council on Foreign Relations and was a paid asset of multiple US intelligence agencies, some which must remain nameless.  

There is also a rumor that he was able to get recordings from inside of a Russian SCIF (Secret Compartmentalized Information Facility) to the FBI, which brought down a ring of deep-cover Russian agents operating in the US.

The truth is quite different from the version of Dr. Page than the media would have you believe, isn’t it?

The fact that the American media would, in our post-9/11 nation, attack the credibility of a veteran who has done the things this man has done lit a fire in my belly.  This will come out forcefully in my article on the subject, but for the purposes of this one let’s just say that the character assassination you are seeing happen to Judge Kavanaugh is eerily similar to that of Dr. Page, as I will lay out below.

My next article dives much deeper into Dr. Page, his background and the criminal actions perpetrated against him (with documentation which Dr. Page provided to me), but seeing the same tactics being used against Judge Kavanaugh I felt the need help people see the greater context, the repeating tactics and the absolutely disgusting & treacherous game the DNC is playing with innocent people’s lives in order to accomplish the DNC’s mission of “power at all costs.”

The “Rules for Radicals” outlined by Alinsky are as follows:

  1. “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”
  2. “Never go outside the expertise of your people.”
  3. “Whenever possible go outside the expertise of the enemy.”
  4. “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”
  5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
  6. “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
  7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
  8. “Keep the pressure on.”
  9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”
  10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
  11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside”
  12. “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
  13. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”


Those with Logical & Critical Thinking Skills Have Been Pulling Our Hair out

Have you wondered why the Democrats have continued pushing narratives and stories long after they’ve been proven false?  This tactic was used by Radio Free Europe and media outlets under Oath, Inc against Dr. Carter Page (Oath is a subsidiary of Verizon and owns media brands such as AOL, Yahoo, HuffPo and others).  They would release claims which were false and/or they were unable to verify and use their multiple media outlets to parrot those same claims across the media spectrum, even long after they had been debunked.

Which is exactly what has been happening to Judge Kavanaugh.  Every time you hear a Democratic Senator, newspaper “journalist” or television “news” anchor mention the “3 claims against Judge Kavanaugh” understand that you are watching this tactic in real time.  I will show below how even the allegations by Dr. Ford have already been proven to be nothing more than false.

Of the other 2, one was so outlandish that it was retracted almost immediately (Rhode Island boat party) and other evidence has come to light about the Julie Swetnick claims (which I will also outline below).

Yet they still parrot the “3 claims” narrative, knowing full well they are absolutely false.

To watch this purely emotion-filled and tribalism-based rhetoric shooting back and forth, many of us who rely on facts to form opinions have felt like we were stuck in the Twilight Zone.  Just to re-cap what the play-by-play has been (and what convinced me about the Democratic Tactics hypothesis) let’s go over a quick timeline of the entire Kavanaugh Confirmation controversy so far:


  • Before the allegations are made public, Dr. Ford’s internet and social media pages are “scrubbed” from the internet, along with photos of her high school yearbook (although someone was smart enough to screenshot them before the scrub.  While the Republicans chose not to press this issue in the hearing, there are quite a few articles written about them — and it doesn’t look very good for Dr. Ford’s choir girl image she’s tried to portray)


  • Dr. Ford calls a media tip line with her claims, rather than local law enforcement (there is no statute of limitations on sex crimes the the state, so this is a rather odd move)


  • Senator Feinstein, after sitting on the “confidential” letter for six weeks decides to release it directly to the media rather than Senate Judiciary Committee.  It should be noted that the letter was not released until AFTER the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, leading logical thinkers to conclude that it was a ploy to derail him since his Q&A in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee went so well


  • The Washington Post published the first anti-Kavanaugh article, beginning a rampage of the media onslaught and allegations.  Dr. Ford admits in her testimony that she provided the paper with at least part of her counseling notes, but refused to submit them to the Senate Judiciary Committee (despite multiple claims that they corroborate her story)


  • Lawyer Michael Avenatti (who became a household name by representing adult film star Stormy Daniels) releases new accusations via Julie Swetnick


  • A claim is made via Twitter of an alleged boat party incident, again claiming sexual impropriety by Kavanaugh as a teen.  Even after the allegation is rescinded by the original accuser, the media continue to push the story and Democratic politicians continue to discuss it in the following hearings


  • All 4 “key witnesses” named by Dr. Ford refute her claims that the party in question ever happened, with her lifelong best friend also noting that she had never met Kavanaugh.  The Democrats repeat an homage to the Bill Clinton impeachment testimony by stating that “the key witnesses saying the event never happened is different from saying the event never happened.”  Except that’s exactly what it means.





  • A former six-year boyfriend of Dr. Ford comes forward to swear under penalty of perjury that he had watched Dr. Ford coach a friend (Former FBI Special Agent McLean) on how to pass a polygraph, to refute her fear of flying claims, to refute her need for a second door claim and to note she never mentioned anything similar to Dr. Ford’s Kavanaugh allegations to him (an article on the event including the letter is here)


  • A staffer for Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is arrested for releasing the personal information of several Republican Senators, allegedly even threatening to release private HIPPA information about their children (here’s an article from ZeroHedge on the incident).  It should be noted that said staffer’s father has become quite wealthy from government contracts.  


  • With the FBI investigation coming to a close, the Democrat and media narrative shifts from his vote hinging on the FBI investigation to his being unqualified “because he got angry when defending himself against Dr. Ford’s allegations in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee” and after a 10-day media onslaught of unverified and salacious accusations


  • When voting to move the committee suggestion for a vote on Kavanaugh to the entire Senate, Democrats again push (and are joined by Arizona Senator Jeff Flake) on requiring an additional (7th) FBI investigation on these allegations (forgetting that the FBI had already called the case closed based on inability to corroborate any claims made by Dr. Ford AND that they don’t have jurisdiction over this instance).  



The Useful Idiots Employed by Senator Feinstein

If the play-by-play wasn’t enough to show you that this is nothing more than a tactical game to the Democrats, perhaps their usage of “useful idiots” will, as it’s extremely difficult to come up with a logical reasoning besides pomp & circumstance behind these actions by Senator Feinstein.

(I should note: Thomas Wictor, a hilarious & extremely intelligent Twitter icon was recently booted permanently from Twitter for writing about Alyssa Milano’s involvement about this.  I won’t go quite as far as he did, but it should be pretty easy for you to connect the dots here.  I’ve also linked Wictor’s GAB profile below so you can follow him — and I suggest highly that you do).

As we just covered the absolute lack of logic and overriding emotions used by the leftists in this debacle, we should go over some people who have proven time and again an absolute lack of the ability to use logic: celebrities.

Senator Dianne Feinstein again showed that there is no low to which she will not stoop in 2 separate incidents, 1 mildly successful and 1 which was thwarted, by a couple of useful idiots who were admitted to the hearings as her “personal guests.”

The first was Fred Guttenberg, father of a 14 year old daughter who was tragically killed in the Parkland, Florida shooting incident.  The only articles I could find were from media outlets who seem entirely complicit in the anti-Kavanaugh narrative, so here’s one from USA Today.

The reason that I call them complicit is based on the multiple angles of the event which show an entirely different story from what the media (at Senator Feinstein’s behest, I’m sure) is trying to portray.  Here’s the basic summary: at the end of one of Judge Kavanaugh’s rounds of questioning, as he is getting up and buttoning his jacket, Guttenberg approaches him from off camera.

As Judge Kavanaugh is turning, Guttenberg sticks out his hand for a shake.  Judge Kavanaugh, already in the process of leaving and who has been victim to ridiculous heckling and theatrics through the entirety of his confirmation hearing, pauses and looks at Guttenberg’s hand for a moment.  Before he can make a decision or action, security for Judge Kavanaugh intervenes and lightly pushes him to get moving.

Thankfully there were quite a few user videos circulating Twitter showing the incident from the back of the courtroom, where you could see the speed and POV that Judge Kavanaugh had.  

I say thankfully, because of course the media used the worst angle possible for him, showing the opposite POV from what Judge Kavanaugh actually had and not showing that he was already mid-turn before Guttenberg even approached him.  

If you search for the video, you’ll find that there are so many ultra-left wing media outlets with top search results that it’s nearly impossible to find the videos from the other angles on Google search.  If anyone reading this can send me a link or if can find it again I will link it here.

And of course the complicit media and Senator Feinstein were quick with their already prepared statements & headlines about the incident, with many stating that he “snubbed” or “refused” Guttenberg.  If this doesn’t outline complicity, a setup and kabuki theatre for you I don’t know what will.

The second useful idiot comes in a form we’re quite familiar with: Alyssa Milano.  As another personal guest of Senator Feinstein, Milano came on the first day of the confirmation hearings that didn’t have paid protestors interrupting every few minutes…because they didn’t want to take away from her grand performance.

There are plenty of pictures circulating Twitter of the incident I will describe, but again Google search results are filled with her “celebrity comments” on the hearings rather than her actual part in the play.  Again, as soon as I can find them again or if someone reading this has a link, I will link them here.

Her part in the play went down like this: Milano entered the confirmation hearings and took her seat, and was either extremely careless or purposely outing herself (I’ll explain why).  She was careless in that she drew attention to herself by constantly filming with her phone, in a room in which that was plainly stated as not being allowed. When confiscating her phone, one of the members of the security team saw that she had an anti-Kavanaugh poster, which was quickly taken away as well.

Not long after the first confiscation, Milano came back from a break and a few camera operators were able to catch pictures of her holding a second sign.  Wictor believes that the first being confiscated was intentional, but there’s a good chance it hadn’t been planned and an aide (likely to Feinstein) hurriedly created another for her to use.

Regardless, the second appeared in her hands but the security team was already on alert that she was planning some kind of shenanigans.  Before she had a chance to perform her role the second was taken by security as well and her face after was absolutely priceless.

Thomas Wictor believes the part she was playing was actually much more sinister than just acting like an idiot holding a sign, to put it mildly.  

He took some of the footage Milano was recording and posting from her seat, and believes that based on the particular type of filter she was using that she was using the footage to send distances and organization of the courtroom to someone else with a plot of their own, which he alleges Milano may or may not have been privy to.

His belief was that she was merely to be used as a diversion from another act taking place, but if you want to find out exactly what Wictor believes that plot was, you’ll have to do a little digging on your own.  

Here’s his profile on Gab (similar to Twitter with less conservative censorship), and if you’re curious as to what this is or just generally enjoy deep research with a finishing touch of humor, I HIGHLY suggest you follow his work.


The Character Assassination of Dr. Carter Page and Judge Kavanaugh

Even with all of the egregious acts that have been carried out in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I still believe that the character assassination perpetrated on both he and Dr. Page are by far the most despicable things the left has ever come up with…ok maybe not as bad as the genocide perpetrated by leftist dictators like Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and current-day Maduro, but still pretty bad.

They have recklessly taken good men with impeccable backgrounds, resumes and histories of serving their country (Dr. Page as a military/intelligence veteran and Judge Kavanaugh as a lifelong public servant) and enacted the “Rules for Radicals” listed above to do everything they could to sully their good names.

This has been especially visible in their usage of rules numbers 5, 8, 10 and 13:

  • “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”
  • “Keep the pressure on.”
  • “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition.”
  • “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

The use of ridicule, pressure and polarization I feel have come to define the Democrats in this debacle, and their use of these tactics have left a black eye on our society.

It is quite terrifying as well that they have been able to visibly use the tactics of pressure so openly, and so many of their followers have become so wrapped up in blind tribalism that they are unable to see the tactics for what they are.

The Democrats have even openly told us they are using this tactic, most plainly in the narrative shift away from “the allegations mean he is unfit for the Supreme Court” to “because he got angry at our use of these tactics, he is unfit for the Supreme Court.”

They have shown us their plans:

  1. a) ramp up the pressure so hard that he withdraws himself from the nomination.


  1. b) if Plan A fails, ramp up the pressure even higher through more false and extremely salacious false allegations, and if he shows the least bit of emotion during this time we’ll claim it makes him unfit

As a man who has had to live through false allegations of this nature against myself and my future stepson, both from the same angry & vindictive woman, both with zero corroborating evidence, both with evidence that contradicts the claims and both with investigators who refused to honor the contradictory evidence, I know exactly how he feels.  

If you’ve never lived through this, I pray to God that you never have to.

But rest assured: if the Democrats succeed in this, the amount of false allegations against men in this country will ramp up exponentially.  

Actually, because it was able to bring them this far, perhaps they already will.

The polarization tactic should be plain enough for anyone to see, but unfortunately it seems many cannot so perhaps we should dive a little bit into that one as well.

As I explained in my article about QAnon, the media uses behavioral economics to sway our opinion through polls, fake picture & filming setups and parroting the same story across multiple outlets to trick us into believing it is more popular and prevalent than it actually is.

I pointed this out here when mentioning my attempts to find pictures or videos that go against the popular narrative, with Google search results burying anything aside from the left’s narrative as far as possible.  We can also see this in the obscene censorship on social media, with Twitter being the largest culprit in barring conservative voices (Thomas Wictor, James Woods, Wired Sources, etc).

By showing only one side of the argument and parroting the same narrative across the entire media spectrum (save Fox news, usually (but not always)) and giving us a constant barrage of angry (only anti-Kavanaugh) protestors we are led to believe that everyone is on the side of Dr. Ford.  Senator Grassley gave a press conference yesterday where he called the media out on this bias, stating there were pro-Kavanaugh protestors in his office who the media refused to interview (here is a link to the YouTube video of his statement).


Dr. Ford’s Perjury and Friend the Former FBI (and anti-Trump) Special Agent

I hope that you read the article from Sundance that I linked above; if not, here is your second chance and a brief summary of what he’s found.

We were initially led to believe that Dr. Ford wrote her letter out of her desire to “do her civic duty” (as she stated under oath) and to report a man who she thought did not deserve to be a Supreme Court justice.  But in reading some of the sworn affidavits and statements (to both the FBI and Senate Judiciary Committee), taken in concert with Dr. Ford’s own testimony and the refuting of her story by the “key witnesses” named, it begins to sound a little fishy.  

But if you add in the story of her lifelong friend and former FBI Special Agent Monica L. McLean, the story falls apart entirely.

In her own sworn testimony, Dr. Ford stated that she was in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware when she wrote the letter to Senator Feinstein.  The discovery that Sundance made in his research, finding this as the last known address of McLean begins to unravel the thread which may show us what this entire debacle was really all about.

As it turns out, although Dr. Ford swore in her testimony to having never coached someone how to take a polygraph, the former boyfriend of Dr. Ford’s submitted a sworn statement to the contrary (linked above in the timeline).

If the allegations he’s made in his sworn statement are true, not only was this a lie, but he stated that he witnessed Dr. Ford coaching none other than Monica L. McLean on how to take a polygraph.  

What was she taking a polygraph for, you might ask?  

For her entrance interviews to work at the FBI.

To state the obvious, it should have sent up a huge red flag to anyone that a psychology researcher with Dr. Ford’s credentials claimed to have absolutely no knowledge of polygraphs or how they work.

But when we discovered the polygraph exam was given in a hotel conference room with only 2 questions asked, after her grandma’s funeral, we knew it was a sham.

But back to the point…not only is it alleged that Dr. Ford helped McLean pass her polygraph to work for the FBI, but once in the FBI McLean went to work for and with quite a few names that we should be familiar with through the FISAgate and SpyGate sagas.

For instance, we already understood how one of her lawyers was a known Democratic operative suggested by Senator Feinstein’s office (Katz), but the FBI connection potentially makes clear how Michael Bromwich (former Deputy FBI Director to Andrew McCabe, who’s currently in the hot seat) became her second lawyer (working pro bono, of course).  But what exactly was in the envelope Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee slipped to Bromwich before his client’s testimony?  We don’t know, but it doesn’t look like a love letter…I wonder if it’s connected to her staffer doxxing senators?

And of course McLean worked as a Public Information Officer for the FBI New York field office after 2003, working directly with Southern District New York (SDNY) Attorney General Preet Bharara (a well known anti-conservative voice).

Perhaps the most glaring indication of a setup, or perhaps McLean’s hidden hand in this entire spectacle, was that she retired from the FBI shortly after Trump was elected President.

Is it possible that she, being in such a close orbit with the known SpyGate perpetrators, was asked to leave the FBI in order to work as a civilian “cutout” tasked to implement a political strategy when the time was right?  

If it’s just a coincidence, it’s a big one.


The Untrue Premise that False Rape Accusations are Hardly Made

Another side of this story that you won’t hear discussed in the media often is an extremely important one: how often are women found guilty of falsely submitting allegations of rape or other sexual crimes?

This would be an important point to bring up if the media were really trying to get to the truth, which is why I believe it’s been completely missing from the discussion.

To the contrary, USA Today columnist and CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers tried to ridicule the idea of this being brought to light, saying that one GOP senator’s use of “To Kill a Mockingbird” to bring up the idea of false allegations proved that false allegations are extremely rare.  In case you’re interested, here’s her actual tweet.

But if you have even a decent recollection of recent events or take the time to do your own research, you’ll find this issue is more prevalent than we’re led to believe.  Do you remember the Duke Lacrosse team? How about “mattress girl” or the UVA scandal? If you pay attention to the news at all, you know that there has been an uptick in women being sent to jail for making allegations against men that are proven to be false.

Unfortunately, many times this happens far too late, after the men have been in jail for some time.  

Some of the women out themselves by bragging about it on Facebook, some men are cleared by DNA evidence, but in some cases the men (this tends to happen alot to high profile athletes with promising careers who somehow jilt a vindictive woman) have already lost what was once a promising career, and no amount of newspaper retractions can repair the damage of lost time.

In case you’d like to know just how significant and how despicable some of these cases of false allegations have been, here’s information about 70 different cases that have happened in our not-very-distant past.


My Own Fight Against False Allegations

This entire spectacle has taken on a very personal nature for me, as I myself have been the victim of false allegations of this sort.  The scariest part? Along with the list of proven false allegations listed above, I was not the first man this woman has made false allegations of this sort against (I was the third, with each of the accused being a man who had the gall to break up with a beautiful but highly insecure and vindictive woman).  

And unfortunately I already know I wasn’t the last.  When her tactics against me worked but not in the “utter life destruction” she wanted, she repeated a new set of allegations against my future stepson.

But the most unnerving part?  Like Judge Kavanaugh, despite zero corroborating evidence and the existence of contradictory evidence showing her story as being a fallacy, the “I’m a victim” message she was sending was stronger in the eyes of authorities (police and judges alike) for them to even look at or take in the evidence.

You see, claims of this extreme nature cause an inherent bias starting at the initial claim.  Much like social workers who deal with children, anyone who hears a claim of this nature immediately thinks “this may not be true, but if it is this man is a dangerous monster.”

This sets up an automatic bias against the accused that is nearly impossible to overcome, regardless of evidence.

Because, of course, someone would rather be wrong and trash an innocent man’s life than take the chance of allowing a sexual predator to strike again.

I had a police officer who witnessed one of her first lies against me, but when I asked for him to testify on my behalf I was told by his department that they “didn’t represent my side” in our case.  

When I presented mountains of call logs & text messages as evidence to the court, the judge was brazenly anti-father enough to tell me, in court with a stenographer present, that she didn’t even read my submission.  

We had 10 adult witnesses who could prove my future stepson wasn’t even there when the allegations were made against him, but the Department of Child & Family Services didn’t even want to talk to them nor see the evidence I had against her claims towards me.  

This sounds like an Orwellian nightmare, but I can tell you from personal experience and from reaching out to father’s rights groups around the country that it is an oft-repeated scenario.  

It is so bad that many divorce attorneys who represent women in Los Angeles tell their clients to file restraining orders immediately, regardless of actual events, because it will “look better for them in their divorce.”  The family court system in Los Angeles now takes several months to be seen partially because of the backlog this creates, but again the bias created by these allegations means people would rather go with the status quo than allow one monster to roam free.  


Extreme Virtue Signaling by a Very Unvirtuous Group

If you’ve paid attention to the confirmation proceedings or statements made by Democratic senators on the subject, you’ll find one common occurrence: they refuse to discuss any evidence, but rather spend the entirety of their statements “virtue signalling” by either talking about how pro-woman they are, how courageous Dr. Ford is to come forward and tell “her truth” or to discuss the plight of women around the nation.

I agree, true sexual violence is abhorrent.  I have 2 daughters who are both learning Jiu Jitsu and are being raised as very strong & independent women in hopes this will never happen to them.  And I have to say, having daughters makes me occasionally guilty of unconscious bias as well in my “pappa bear” mentality.

But we also have 2 boys, and the ability for the court of public opinion to completely destroy a man’s life (as it has to Judge Kavanaugh, and as was attempted against my future stepson) is equally terrifying.  

Suffice to say I have begun teaching my son how to keep journals & a diary to document his life, because it is truly a fear of mine that the epidemic of false allegations is about to ramp up substantially against any man who becomes mildly successful, breaks up with an angry woman or doesn’t share the love for a scornful woman which she feels for him.

Mark my words: if you have sons, prepare them.  I believe the levee has broken.

So let’s talk about the people who caused the levee to break.  The cast of characters who are most responsible for the atrocity these hearings have become love to describe and cast themselves as patrons of the people and knights on a quest to save women.  But if you dig into their past even a little bit, you find that the loudest among them are some of the dirtiest in politics.

Senator Kamala Harris made her “big break” in politics by having an extramarital affair with a man 30 years her senior, the extremely corrupt former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.


Senator Blumenthal, as Attorney General, made stolen valor claims for over a decade, claiming service in and telling stories about his service in Vietnam, when he in fact did not even serve.  “If one is false, all is false” huh Senator?


Cory Booker was discovered to have authored an article and admitted to groping women, but now we are to expect that he is a pillar of virtue for women’s rights.


Senator Menendez was charged with 14 counts of corruption and courting underage male Dominican prostitutes.  Is this the guy you really want to be your signal of virtue, Democrats?


Senator Dianne Feinstein is perhaps one of the most corrupt politicians of our time, having recently been found to have employed a Chinese spy for over 20 years, some still question how she amassed a $77 million net worth as her husband just happened to win contracts in China while she employed a Chinese spy and her husband also just happened to win contracts for the California “train to nowhere” that her constituents did not even want, which is now billions of dollars over budget and years behind schedule…and oh yeah, it’s not even a bullet train.


Always Believe the Accuser, Unless They Accuse a Democrat

The DNC would most likely prefer we as a society have little to no memory of past events, as that or minor research blows holes in many of their arguments.  

As I write this, the supplementary FBI investigation on Judge Kavanaugh was delivered to senators this week.  Last week they were calling for a supplemental FBI investigation “of limited scope” and “not to take more than a week” for the Kavanaugh confirmation vote to take place, but now that the very thing they asked for has been delivered, they are already complaining that their specific request was granted.  

I’m pretty sure Dianne Feinstein was hoping the GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee wouldn’t call her bluff in the first place, and the look on her face in this video (taken directly after her reading part of the report this morning) shows that things did not turn out how she expected.

For those able to recall very recent memories we also have a glaring hypocrisy shown by the party who has been screaming that “every woman must be heard” and to “always believe the accuser” in Democratic Congressman and Deputy Chair of the DNC Keith Ellison.  Although media outlets apart from Fox have given scant mention of it, his ex-girlfriend came forward recently accusing him of domestic abuse, providing corroborating evidence that Ellison was a domestic abuser.

But the party who screams for women’s rights when it’s politically expedient or on their side has been very quiet about shaming him for the very actions they claim to be against, conversely calling her reports “not credible” from one side of their mouths while screaming that Dr. Ford (Kavanaugh’s accuser) needs to believed (without question, evidence or corroborating witnesses) from the other.

Going back just a few decades earlier we have the debacle that was Bill Clinton, and the myriad women who claimed that he was a serial rapist and sex criminal, also with more corroborating evidence than Dr. Ford has brought forward.  

Some of these women have come forward again during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, yet the “always believe the accuser” leftists have again failed to follow their own demands when women accuse the men of their party of the very same terrible actions…even if they provide evidence.


Thankfully the Republicans Have Finally Gotten a Grasp of Optics

Besides showing just how low the Democrats are willing to stoop in their conquest of “power, at any cost,” this debacle has shown us one thing that Conservatives everywhere can be proud of: the Republicans seem to have finally grown spines and grasped the importance of “optics.”  Being a group that has always been labeled as “mean, old white men,” the Republicans seem to have finally understood the games that Democrats play and given them a taste of their own medicine.

Every Republican making a statement has described Dr. Ford’s statements as sincere, heartfelt and credible, although every bit of evidence shows this to be untrue.  But understanding optics, they chose to leave that unsaid.

They have left it to their base to discover the true underlying depravities of the left on their own, and to disseminate the many body language experts and internet sleuths such as The Last Refuge to show people why Dr. Ford was completely not credible, trustworthy, or likely to be telling the truth…even her own.


Summary: What We Know About the Claims Against Judge Kavanaugh So Far

In summary, I hope that as with all of my articles you have chosen to click the links provided and do a little bit of research on your own.  The media has proven themselves to be completely unworthy of trust in our current evolution of “first to print, last to verify” media.

With that being said, even though we know CNN, MSNBC and many newspapers have a lack of values and seemingly morally corrupt editors making up their teams, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet (or social media).

Do your own digging, use critical thinking and do what you can to see the bigger picture and figure out what is sometimes the most important part of any narrative — what they’re NOT telling you.

I’ve done my best to outline the many holes in this current narrative against Judge Kavanaugh, and my next article will highlight many of the same tactics used against Dr. Carter Page, including who the guilty parties are and how they colluded to ruin a good man’s name.  

Do not allow the media, politicians or talking heads to lump you in with one of “mobs of justice” that we’ve seen roaming the halls of DC, assaulting politicians in restaurants or screaming down anyone with an opinion that is incongruent with yours.

It’s getting ugly out there, so keep your powder dry, stay alert and keep your eyes & ears open.  This isn’t over yet.