Who is Joe Biden? I feel like I got that question a ton in the 6 months leading up to the presidential election. Most of my friends know I am a political junkie. Politics are like sports to me. There’s personalities, there’s drama, there’s compelling figures. I read, and I re-read. I fact check myself, and I double check my sources. I question myself and I question everything I think and see. One question I always come back to is: What does Joe Biden, are assumed ‘President-Select” stand for?


In the lead up to the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden hardly campaigned. He called a lid on his campaign most days ,he babbled incoherently on some days. and even introduced his Grand daughter at a rally as his son, former state Senator Beau Biden. People, including myself, were worried about Biden after this gaffe, considering his son Beau, was never a state Senator, and he’s also been dead for many years.


After watching Biden’s pathetic public gaffe’s I would ask you: Would you trust Joe Biden with a grocery list to bring you back exactly what you asked for? Nevermind trusting him to outwit Vladimir Putin, or say Kim John Un? The point is Biden was never meant to outwit anyone. Biden is going to be the ultimate figurehead President, a pointless, feckless, old man with no real dedication to anything. After 47 years in government, I still cannot name One Joe Biden accomplishment. I still cannot really finger one stance, but I am going to try and discern here just what the hell a Joe Biden presidency will look like.


Here goes:


The problem with Biden and China: Our current President, Donald Trump, campaigned and won big on an ”America First” agenda. A Biden presidency promises to end that. Get ready folks for America 7th or 8th. Before the ”Laptop from Hell” controversy, it was well-known Biden is China owned. He promises to put us back immediately in cahoots with the World Health Organization(The China owned organization that lied about the severity of the Coronavirus) The WHO is basically a propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party. Donald Trump rightly dumped the WHO back in April. Biden has tweeted on his ”First day, we will re-align with the WHO” Why? Why the hell would you re-align yourself with an organization that continually lied about the Covid-19 outbreak in China? Joe Biden has been paid by China for 3 decades. His masters in Beijing will make sure Biden plays nice on the world’s stage when it comes to China. Biden has repeatedly refused to condemn the Chinese Communist Party. Even after the party lied about the Covid-19 outbreak, bought up all the world’s PPE, and made doctor’s who blew the whistle on the outbreak disappear. Even after President Trump shut down all travel from America to China in March to slow the spread rightly, Biden called it ”Racist and Xenophobic” Biden has been a lap dog for the CCP, even knowing thousands upon thousands of weiger Muslims sit right now in concentration camps under the communist dictatorship. Trump has been tough on China in the trade war. Tougher than any President in history. Biden has been characteristically quiet. No comments on concentration camps, or dictatorship. The biggest threat to the United States is not terrorism. It’s not the middle east. It’s the Chinese Communist Party. Trump has been tougher than anyone on China. Biden is seemingly so deep in bed with the CCP he couldn’t possibly put the american people before his pay masters. Look at his history, look at his rhetoric.


Joe Biden on Police Shootings and Defunding the Police: Joe Biden has claimed that more ”50 police unions’ have come out in support of him in the final presidential debate against Donald Trump. When pressed by Trump as to who exactly these unions were, Biden was empty and feckless. Let’s fact check a little: ZERO Police unions have supported Joe Biden. Not a one. Why? Biden has repeatedly said the single dumbest thing I have ever heard a politician say in public. Biden has stated repeatedly that Police Officers when faced with an assailant trying to kill them with a gun, knife or what have you, they should ”Shoot them in the leg” I cannot overstate how moronic, how painful, and frankly, dangerous this statement is. Clearly, Joe Biden, who has been in politics for 47 years has never had to make a split second decision on whether to go home to his family after his shift. Biden has seen one to many John Wayne flicks. That statement could not more perfectly encompass Biden’s idiocy any more. Police Officer’s across the United States need to know: Much like the Obama presidency, Joe Biden is going throw you under the bus every chance he gets. I don’t think Biden has the guts to fully defund the police. That is off the table, but his rhetoric will always be against Men and Women in uniform. Zero unions campaigned for Biden, and frankly how could they? Biden’s continuation of the Obama-era rhetoric has been the kickstarter to this current war on police. Do not expect Biden to 180 this propaganda. Shoot em in the leg! Moronic, dangerous, and so short-sighted.


Joe Biden and COVID-19: Biden has regularly campaigned on Donald Trump allowing 200,000 americans to die due to his Coronavirus response. When asked what he would do different, Biden has puked up every single Trump administration policy already enacted. ”Cmon man, more PPE, more masks, more testing” The United States already has the most comprehensive testing programs on planet Earth. Biden has promised an unconstitutional mask mandate to begin immediately upon him taking office. That’s right Joe Biden is going to make you wear a mask inside your own home. When your walking your dog, you need to be afraid. Very AFRAID. Trump alternatively, has stated we have to learn to live with this. Which is the hard truth. Covid isn’t going anywhere. We must learn to live with it. Biden advisor Michael Osterholm has stated the United States needs to have a major 4-6 lockdown. Biden listens to Osterholm, Biden has promised to follow the science. Biden will listen to the scientists. Be ready for a long, dark winter. Bidens exact words. Take a walk down your local strip and look at the businesses that are never coming back. The establishments that will never open their doors again, Life savings lost. Bankruptcy, depression, suicide, domestic violence. and kids unfed. All for a virus with a 99.7 survival rate. Joe Biden will favor his power, and your backside will be glued to the couch on the government dole until the Trump administration vaccine gets widely distributed. Who knows when that will be. Biden and his camp have already promised the first couple rounds sold off to China and the globalist constituents. America 7th or 8th remember? Greed first.


Joe Biden and Endless Wars: Here is a dirty little secret: Donald Trump, alleged fascist dictator is the first president in Thirty years not to begin a new war in the middle east. Trump has continually talked of taking troops out of Afghanistan. All the while were all arguing about election fraud. Trump quietly downsized again our footprint in the middle east. Trump’s foreign policy has been a total win. We downsized and we still kept our foot on the throat of our enemies. The administration killed dictators who needed to be killed. We engaged in far less drone strikes than the Obama- Biden administration. Trump is fascist, is the worst fascist dictator of all-time. Being that Trump facilitated middle eastern peace deal so unprecedented that if Biden is to take office, he will surely undue immediately. Biden is a total establishment politician. Part of DNA of the establishment is to make sure we remain tied up in these pointless, foreign wars. Why? There’s just so much money in it. Back room government contracts, pay offs, etc. Biden is a career politician, on a max salary of 174,000 Biden has managed to purchase 3 mansions, and have a net worth 10 million dollars. Biden’s property alone is worth 4 million dollars. How? Endless foreign wars are lucrative. Not for the american public, nor for the soldiers who carry it out. It’s huge business for the politicians who control the contracts. War is big business for politics. DOnald Trump, billionaire could not be bothered with payoffs. Hence why the establishment hates Trump and needed to remove him at all costs and replace him with fervent swamp creature Biden. I would never tell you Biden has guts, he was not for the gutsy Bin Laden raid that his former boss green-lighted. He was too worried about Obama’s re-election to worry about killing the world’s most wanted man. Career political hack more concerned about the next election than what is right for the american people is totally predictable. Expect a continuation of the endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under Biden. Expect more drone strikes. Expect more backroom deals that keeps us spending 10 million a month of tax -payer dollars in Afghanistan to fatten up politicians pocket books. It’s swamp-101 politics, and Biden is central casting from the lagoon.


Joe Biden, friend of minorities? : Here is another dirty little secret: Donald Trump, racist, KKK loving president, has been the single best president for minority communities in United States history. Trump has authored the two most important pieces of legislation in the history of minority communities. The ”Platinum plan” and the ”First step act” was worth more than the last 5 decades of Democrat promises and failures. Joe Biden famously authored the 1994 crime bill that ensured that people of color were buried under prisons for seemingly minor drug violations and some violent crimes. Now, I believe in violent criminals going to jail. I believe in law and order, but for Biden to campaign to minorities that he is some sort of friend to the black community is absurd and demeaning. Biden has cited “Racial Jungles” When talking about desegregation in 1977. That’s right, Joe Biden friend of the black community was talking about keeping segregated so his children wouldn’t have to grow up near Black people, it’s all right there. In the open. Some people would point to Biden’s appointment of Black woman Kamala Harris as his VP as some sort of empowerment of black people and women. Truth is, Harris is the former Attorney General, the top cop in California who made sure black people stayed buried under prison’s for drug offenses and violent crimes. Harris spent a career prosecuting people they now pander to as some sort of saviors of their communities. I find it ironic, that Harris was the pick. She’s a cop the very thing the hard left hates. Harris has looked terrible in debates. She has been overmatched on every level. Seeing how this plays out with Harris, will be the most interesting part of this presidency.


What has Joe Biden done and why him?: To answer the first question, I cannot come up with one palpable, real accomplishment to attribute to Biden in 5 decades of government. Biden is like the 10th player on the bench, yeah, he has got a jersey, he is on the roster, but nobody knows exactly what he does, or why he’s here. The answer to question 2 is easy. It’s time to go back to normal. Normal being little accomplishment, little advancement of american interests, and more money in special interest groups, and politicians pockets. Joe Biden, should he take office will fall in on a republican controlled senate and congress. They will surely veto any silly policy Biden will try and pass. Government will become inert, and Biden’s presidency will be lame-duck from the get go. A stark contrast from the fast and furious and honestly productive,Trump administration. Biden was the pick because he’s a weak, feckless, feeble old man. He will be easily pushed over by the CCP, the establishment to continue their bidding to reset our way of life. He is the ultimate marionette. The polar opposite of our current President, who can’t be bought, sold or pushed. That is ultimately why he’s so hated and needs to go. We need ”Normal” again.  Normal of course to Washington means more money out of your pocket, and into the hands of China, illegal immigrants and Wall Street. Joe Biden is ultimate establishment pick. We are going back to the same rhetoric, and policies that inspired the american people to overwhelmingly vote for a game show host with no background in government to the highest office. If it does happen, let’s see if we can learn our lesson this time.


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