If you support the sitting president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, then you are an unperson to the radical leftists. Your stated reasons for supporting the president are irrelevant. According to the leftists, the “real” reason Americans support Trump is because they prefer fascism to democracy, which is what attracts them to the current administration’s supposed habit of undermining democratic principles.

Having potentially voted Trump from office, the leftists are now fixing to run his allies from polite society. You’ve got to go, willingly or otherwise.

This would be why Harvard leftists are pushing the university to effectively ban members of the Trump administration from campus. Trump staffers are not to be employed at Harvard. Americans with ties to the president are not to speak on campus. And intellectuals who support Trump are not to be hired as professors. Harvard just recently got off the hook for discriminating against highly-qualified Asian-American applicants. Emboldened, the university may take it a step further and include political dissidents.

In an open letter to administrators, the students rip the Trump administration for its “subversion of democratic principles” and warn the university against complicity. This, as they openly seek to demolish a load-bearing pillar of American democracy: the ability of people to speak, debate and disagree with each other on significant issues, in public or private.

Americans have hashed out their disagreements for decades. University leftists would throw their “debate partners” out of decent society.

But it doesn’t end on college campuses. The mistake Americans make is to think that students will graduate, pay taxes for the first time and put their Marxist days behind them. Flatly wrong, as a general rule.

What tends to happen is they graduate, infiltrate American institutions and threaten leadership with bogus charges of bigotry if it doesn’t cave to their political agenda. In particular cases, the leftist wins high office and pushes blacklists to ensure certain Americans lose their seat at the political table, as well as their standing in polite society – simply for disagreeing on policy or voting for the other candidate.

These authoritarian tendencies will, in fact, trickle downward. Don’t be fooled by the attempt to blacklist Trump administration officials; the crackdown applies to everyone. The high-ranking leftist political figures will take down the Trump staffers. Your schools, workplaces and even families will take care of you. This is why people are afraid to speak about politics with their leftist coworkers. It’s why families are strained as leftist adolescents demonize their own parents for disagreeing with them.

In this dynamic, the people who propose to vilify their political opponents, cast them out into the ether and burn any traces of their memory are the “real” Americans. You are either a fascist or an idiot, depending upon how quickly and easily you conform to the leftist ideology.

Will the radicals learn their lesson? After all, in a year in which their candidate probably wins the presidency, Democrats will lose seats in the House, likely fail to take the Senate and suffer defeat in state legislative races nationwide. The blue tidal wave never came – the one centered on eliminating checks and balances and razing institutions like the U.S. Supreme Court and the Electoral College. The Democratic Party is dogged by internecine warfare between its moderate wing and the militant faction which demands conformity, even if it means losing elections and alienating voters.

But the leftists will keep coming until the Democratic Party expels them from its ranks – or the extremist faction self-destructs as it fails to win political battles while fighting on the cultural front. Either way, there will continue to be a conflict against this particularly nasty strain of radicalism.

Ultimately, the true threat to the principles and institutions of American democracy comes from the ideologues willing to destroy them for political gain. They blacklist political opponents, pit families against each other and coerce people and institutions into conformity with false narratives. Leftism was defeated decisively at the ballot box. Americans should kick this ideology while it’s down. Otherwise, the rioting, blacklisting and militant personal attacks at work, school and home will become the norm.

(Photo: Flickr/Mobilus In Mobili/CC BY-SA 2.0)

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