As a veteran every year that Veterans Day rolls around I travel through many roads of mixed emotions.  The road I would visit first is a ride down memory lane. I just sit back in my driver’s seat, I roll the windows down and I begin to think about that military service member journey I once had.  The endless training exercises, the countless standards, and drills that were pounded into my skull and endured by my body for the sole purpose of instilling discipline, order, and allegiance to the team. One fight was the song playing on the radio on that drive down memory lane.  Man, did they build a strong service member out of me! Followed me riding down the road of least resistance with the music down low chanting “O I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m Free…” accompanied by the wind blowing through my hair would be the great joy and satisfaction that I felt as I thought of all the trailblazing, resilient, selfless service members that I connected with along the way! These very individuals, that I would confidently call my family no matter the lack of blood relations. I reflect on the connections like no others that revolved around so much laughter, team-work, collaborating, tears, fall-outs and downright undeniable respect for one another.  Today is our day. Celebrate your stand to serve. Celebrate your bravery to serve and survive no matter the sacrifice! Celebrate yourself! 

Happy Veterans Day 

VOLUNTEER that developed into a viable willing vessel in all that they were tasked to do

ENGINEER by trade, trained into the jack of all tradescoming ready to designs and build in any lane 

TRANSPORTATION the hell on wheels in every capacity as they charged trough every terrain ruthlessly

EXEMPLARY BREED the best of the best service members in and out of uniform

RESCUE AND RECOVERY by any means necessary against all odds we come fearlessly

AIRBORNE top flight security of the best that saw no limits to their place in the fight

NO LAND ZONE mentality becomes our area of protection; we protect our land by force 

SUPPLY and demand, equipping, consulting and maintaining the team in every capacity

DETERMINED knuckleheads in uniform, can’t be stopped, won’t stop, an unstoppable bunch

AT EASE with the foolery we don’t have time for you griping and complaining “We stay mission ready!”

YAHOOS will get a clue one day that we served valiantly so just thank us for our service and let us be

“We make the world better!” Enjoy your day!