I’ve been a writer since I was in high school. I began writing for The Flint Journal when I was in 10th Grade for a newspaper they had called WORD UP. I’ve always liked to write and I have always interacted with people one way or another after writing an article. I was also the Editor in Chief of a newspaper for teenagers in the early 2000’s. 

I have been a talk show host discussing an array of topics from military life to everyday life since 2006. I’ve met many amazing people over the years thanks to blogging and podcasting. Many write in to give their opinions and feedback, either online or back in the day, via snail mail to The Flint Journal.

I’ve learned that some people think they are a close friend on social media because they like or share your post once in a while… but fact is, (let’s be real here) you can’t become close friends with someone by only interacting with their posts or listening to their podcast.

I had someone get upset before because I would not share family photos publicly. I’ve also had people take part of what I’ve said in an article or blog post and make up their own story as the ending (most on social media have had this happen).

What about the person who blurts out they are your BFF or gives your name as a reference and you really don’t know them very well.

What’s the biggest thing I’ve learned about boundaries by being on Social Media?

**Don’t expect others to hold your boundaries for you. It’s no one else’s job but yours!**

**Be clear about your boundaries.** It’s perfectly OK to decide what you will and will not discuss publicly. I am not going to discuss my family publicly unless it’s a post here and there about my journey as a military veteran caregiver or some of Ken’s experiences IF I decide it is something I want to share. If I do decide it’s something I want to share, it’s because I believe it will help others. I don’t have to explain why I will or will not write about certain topics.

**You don’t have to entertain everyone’s response to what you say or write!** That is extremely time consuming and takes away from your productivity time.

**Don’t let others dictate how/when/why/where you should spend your time!** You have a life of your own and you need to make sure you are always taking care of your personal life first.

**Don’t let others bring you down!** Don’t let bullies (yes there are adult bullies) on social media ruin your day. You don’t have to let them inside of your head or your heart.

Boundaries are good and they are important to keep you healthy. If you don’t keep a healthy set of boundaries, you’re going to have people suck your energy right out of you. Someone may get angry because you don’t call them back right away, or you don’t email them fast enough. Maybe you don’t respond to their DM as fast as they want you to… but you know what? It’s your time and that is nonrefundable.