Creator of FITWHEY, Mr. Erik Rothchild

If you are into fitness, health and wellness then listen up. I recently sat down and talked with U.S. Army Veteran and the Creator of the popular protein energy drink, FitWhey Mr. Erik Rothchild.  Here is a snippet from the show…

5:45 – 8:22

Host:   What is Bfit brands and this secret sauce?

            Guest:   Well, Bfit Brands is the name of our corporate company. The actual brand name of the product is FITWHEY.

            Host:   FITWHEY.

            Guest:   And that’s spelled F-I-T W-H-E-Y, as in whey protein.  Our tag line is “Live Life the Fit Whey” and basically, it’s a really simple drink.  It’s protein with caffeine and its water based so it’s not a protein shake.  You know, this is the second beverage that I’ve created in the last 11 years so I’ve been in the fitness beverage entrepreneur space for as I said, the last 11 years.  My first drink I created was called “Whuy Up”, W-H-U-Y U-P.  It’s protein plus caffeine.  I really just wanted a workout drink for myself.  Years ago, you know, it’s always been known to have protein shake after you work out.  Right?

            Host:   Right.

            Guest:   It’s been forever in sports —

            Host:   Right.

            Guest:   — to have a protein shake.

            Host:   Right.

            Guest:   But about, you know, 10, 11 years ago, the fitness industry started writing articles about the benefits of a minimum of 20 grams of whey protein before you go to the gym and still have, you know, protein after.  So, at the time, the only time I could work out – married, 3 kids, jobs, was 5 am.  I got up early, I wanted protein and I wanted caffeine.  I didn’t want to make a plate of eggs and, you know, a cup of coffee and wait for that to digest.  So, I kinda made it, my own drink in my own kitchen.  I would take a blender, sometimes I’d take a sugar-free energy drink, sometimes I’d take coffee, whatever had caffeine in it as a liquid, and I’d scoop in the whey protein powder.  Sometimes mixed some fruit in there to make it taste good, and I kinda blended my own concoction of a protein drink with caffeine.  And as a consumer looking for that combination on the shelf, for as simple as it sounds, nobody put it together and here I was, you know, you know, working for myself, and we’ll talk about on the decision hour or what my decision hour was.  We’ll get to that, but here I was, an entrepreneur already but never in the beverage space and so I just kinda decided to jump two feet in and, you know, have been chasing this, you know, beverage space for the last 11 years.  Now FITWHEY our current brand is — has been out for about a year and a half.  Arizona is our home base and so we’re in all the QuickTrips, and they’re called Q-Ts out here, convenience stores.  We’re in a bunch of gyms but even actually, most importantly, it took me a year to get on but finally did, about 3 months ago is you can now buy FITWHEY on Amazon.

22:53 – 24:08

            Host:   Or maybe you’re at that time in your life where that decision hour is upon you.  Erik gives you a prime example right there.  I mean, it wasn’t just Erik, it was his entire family.  Picked up shop.  Come on back.  And I think what one of the key things that Erik says right there is that he believed in himself and you really got to believe in yourself if you really want to push things to make things work and to go forward.  And   that’s a big thing and clearly Erik is a prime example of success and believing in himself because he’s been very successful at this.  Let me give you the website again folks, it’s  We’re going to have this up on our website, all the social media platforms here very soon so you cannot just, you know, if you follow the show or if you follow the network, you’ll be able to click on and go right to the order page and order this stuff and believe me, take it from somebody who drinks this religiously.  You’ll be happy that you did.

            Guest:   Hey, Adam, I want to make sure we don’t blow over one major factor

             Host:   Yeah what’s that?

            Guest:   Be prepared to eat by (unable to decipher) candlelight.

           Host:   (Laughs)

            Guest:   The road isn’t an easy one.   The road is not an easy one.  Just know that.

25:09 – 25:32

            Guest:   Adam, to kind of add onto that.  It’s kind of funny you know.  People don’t really understand that there is a struggle.  Just cause you have a product that sells in a visible location doesn’t mean by any stretch –

            Host:   Yeah.

            Guest:  — it means that, you know, you’re rolling in and they expect you to have, you know.  “Oh my God, I saw your product.  You must –”.  Like, serious, I mean, you know.  There’s no such thing as an overnight success.


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