Each person has the potential to make positive decisions. Courage, Bravery, Selflessness, Passion, Integrity and Confidence are some of the words to describe traits of a hero. Teachers, First Responders and Military Personal are some of our recognized world’s heroes, but let’s not forget the every day citizen.

What about the every day hero who gives away food to someone who is starving or a passenger on a bus that notices someone who is having a heart attack and helps. Maybe it’s teacher who takes time to tutor a student after hours or perhaps it’s the counselor who talks someone down from a crisis situation. Someone may not have seen the woman who caught a child from sprinting out in front of a car, stopping what could have been a tragic accident. Then, there’s the CEO who goes the extra mile to give a bonus to an employee who is struggling to make ends meet. It could even be the person next door who mows the lawn of an elderly person in the neighborhood.

The Decision Hour will highlight every day heroes, promoting ordinary people making extraordinary decisions. On The Decision Hour, Adam and Patti will also talk about the importance of making well-rounded decisions impacting our lives and those around us.

We all have decisions to make that will impact those around us for better or worse. What are some of the decisions you’ve made to better yourself or those around you?


The Decision Hour is approaching. What will you decide?