Care for Trauma Patients Shouldn’t  End at the Physician’s Door  PART V

Patient and Program Evaluation  

Patient’s goals may be short term, midterm, and long term goals. Goals are tracked on a regular basis during coach and patient interactions. An evaluation of the patient’s progress can be monitored monthly, every three months, and yearly if necessary. Using the initial assessment, progress on personal moods, goal attainment, motivations, stressors, and concerns would be evaluated to determine growth and improvement. If goals need to be re-established or adjusted to keep the patient on track, the evaluation would allow for such monitoring.

The evaluations would also provide program and success monitoring. As patients are more confident in moving along with their goals and health progress on their own, the evaluations would track the program’s success. The goal of the program is to provide patients with the ability to overcome the difficulties, both physical and mental, associated with a traumatic health event. The primary objective would be to evaluate the effect of the coaching process on the overall mind and body health of patients


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