Care for Trauma Patients Shouldn’t  End at the Physician’s Door PART 6


Patient/Coach Connection 

Patients may be recommended to the coach through self-contact, friends, family, or physicians. Initial appointments are set with the coach over the phone or email.  Appointments are set immediately as patients may be less apt to follow up on their own due to a lack of confidence or confusion. This would require a relationship and understanding of services between the patient and the health/wellness coach.  Appointments can take place in a home, via telephone or video conference, or in person in a public location.  The ideal situation requires a rapport and trust be developed between the patient and the coach so as to provide the greatest results in a patient’s recovery.


To Wrap it Up….  

The cost of healthcare includes more than just a monetary sum. The cost includes a physical and psychological toll.  Patients require more than a physical healing or pharmaceutical prescription during the healing process; they require assistance from trusted individuals. Patients require guidance and understanding that what they are experiencing is real and often misunderstood.  A gap exists between the patient’s physical attention and complete mind/body recovery.  At this time, there is no one to fill this gap.  Patients suffer daily.  Patient’s families also suffer.

I dedicate myself towards assisting patients recover on every level; to become stronger physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Attention and guidance needs to be given to patients suffering from the difficulties of physical healing through such issues as PTSD, Anxiety disorder, Depression, and other psychological issues. With such assistance patients are able to better cope with the events they have experienced, stay on medications, continue with physical exercise, and remain steady with dietary requirements, among other benefits. Patients utilizing psychological assistance and guidance have higher confidence levels and higher abilities to cope with psychological issues. Patients receiving such attention and guidance experience shorter recovery times and overall costs of health care are much less.

If you, or someone you know, may need my assistance, please feel free to call or email for a free consultation. I look forward to assisting in any way I can.

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