What do you know about PTSD? Life for 22 Productions is a company that is helping educate people on what PTSD is.  Founded by United States Marine Veteran Bruce Beasley who encountered, dealt with and succeeded his own experience.  Bruce created Life for 22 Productions to capture the stories of people and their experience with PTSD so that it may help someone who is going through it weather it’s a friend, loved one or perhaps themselves.

PTSD seems to be talked more and more over the past few years due to the increased number of military veterans coming home from war but it can happen to anyone that has gone through a traumatic experience.  Life for 22 Productions website http://www.lifefor22productions.com has some great resources on what some of the symptoms are of PTSD which are grouped into four types, Changes in emotional reactions, Negative changes (Thinking or Mood), Intrusive Memories and Avoidance.

It also breaks down by state different organizations that you can contact in your local area.  If you or a company in your area can help, then they encourage you to reach out so you can get on their directory.

Tune in to this interview as Bruce talks about Life for 22 Productions.

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