When even NBC and the Wall Street Journal are calling out Hillary Clinton for her lies, you know something in the world is changing. If it were the senseless robots on The View or MSNBC I’d be waiting to see pigs fly, but I’m still surprised.

But I shouldn’t be, and neither should you.

If you have any short-term memory left, perhaps you remember the craziness that was the 2012 doomsday or Mayan calendar countdown-to-extinction madness. While the masses and media were bringing “experts” on their programs and social media was full of millions of theories and explanations of why the world was coming to the end, there was a relatively silent minority who knew that real change was coming and were excited to see it.

And while I am about as conservative as it can get on many issues, I tend to follow what you would call “alternative views” on things such as social consciousness and religion. I’m not going to get into what that means here, but in a nutshell, I go to church and pray several times a day but don’t believe any one religion is correct or any other is wrong.

Except Scientology. Those people are nuts.

Many of those with a voice in the alternative circles I listen to spoke in 2012 of a coming shift in consciousness; an awakening and a shift in the status quo that would begin to fundamentally change the world around us.

It may seem to be a rather large leap to go from yoga & meditation groups to mainstream politics, but I believe we are seeing the proof that they were right. I mean, besides being here on January 1, 2013 and remembering the stories of preachers and doomsday prophets who had given away everything they had in expectation of the apocalypse.

But if I had told you in 2012 while Obama and Romney were locked in battle for the presidency, while Queen Elizabeth II was celebrating her 60th anniversary as Queen of England and Vladimir Putin won the Russian presidential election, that the next US presidential election would be completely focused on outsiders, you would have called me crazy.

But that’s precisely where we find ourselves.

A shift in global consciousness doesn’t always have to be an earth-shattering, immediate event, but it does have serious implications and results. And while it seems to be making some headway into how the general public views the world, it is far from complete.

The Wall Street Journal (and many other publications) also published an article today concerning General Petraeus and how the Obama administration has so vindictively pursued him for an offense that never made it beyond closed doors, yet Hillary Clinton remains completely untouched by the very same administration for an even harsher infraction of the same basic law.

General Petraeus, whose strategy turned the tide on the Iraq war and is obviously a brilliant man and decorated hero, may be stripped of one of his “stars” and military pension because a woman he was having an affair with saw some of his notebooks.

Hillary kept “above top secret” or Special Access Program information on an unsecured and unencrypted email server on her home, in an age where it’s very well known China and Russia are openly hacking everything they can sneak their way into, and she’s running for president with no reprimand.

So it seems that while many of the vestiges of cronyism and outright treasonous friendships (just look into who paid the Clinton Foundation for a lesson in high treason) may allow an American hero to be skewered while a lifelong politician and failed lawyer remains unscathed, it can’t sway the public opinion.

This shift in global consciousness has been an “eye-opener” for lack of a better term, a moment where suddenly cultures around the world have realized that they don’t have to stand idly by and allow the status quo or current system that is in place hold them under the water any longer.

In the Arab Spring, muslims across the Middle East protested and rioted for a change. The Assad Dynasty was attacked in Syria and Mubarak regime toppled in Egypt. And here in America, in an election that terrifyingly has two candidates whose name recognition and many pals in the political elite were thought to make them shoe-ins for the presidency, we are realizing that times have changed.

It remains to be seen what will actually happen. I’ve come to believe that if Clinton is in fact given the presidency, it will be proof that the system is rigged and these decisions are made regardless of what the American people want.

But no matter who wins the election, at least one thing has been made quite clear in this election cycle: the people’s eyes have opened to realize that things can change, and that is what leads to a changing of the guard.

By: Robert Patrick Lewis