The trouble with PTSD — post-traumatic stress disorder is that everyone can see the signs except the person who is suffering from the condition.

The person suffering is caught up in a fog. A person with PTSD can see the symptoms of the disorder in another person, but they’re unable most of the time to recognize the same exact symptoms in themselves.

I’ve suffered this malady a couple of different times in my career. I knew on a personal level that something was out of balance but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I noticed that I wasn’t sleeping well and that I was unusually short-tempered, something very uncharacteristic of me

All change we see in the world is first manifested in the human mind. Someone has the spiritual clarity to recognize a deficiency, also believe that change is possible. If that person has the strength to voice their concern. Change is planted in the ground like the seed of a tree.

After some of Therapy. I was seeing the root cause of my trouble with PTSD. I was going through life experiencing a lot of routine occurrences, and my subconscious mind got accustomed to predicting the future based on past experiences.

I had an experience that didn’t match the template of past experiences. The second experience is called an abnormal experience. It is completely rational to expect an abnormal experience to produce an abnormal emotional reaction.

When I spoke to the counselor. I said give me a pill and fix me, I have things that need to be done. He cleared his throat and said, “It’s not that easy! You’re going to need to talk about your feelings.”

My introduction to CBT. Cognitive behavioral therapy. This discussion presented me with a personal problem. I’m very positive and faith-filled, spiritually motivated to give my very best to life. How on earth could I have PTSD?

The counselor commented that “deep pain always finds absolute truth if the experiencer has the wisdom to seek”. I felt a little put out but also intrigued.

The 2nd session, I discussed some of my feelings and my counselor explained that my therapy would be covered by confidentiality. He asked if I was feeling better? I said, Yes.

During my therapy I discovered that many people who had trouble were not broken just need self-discovery to move to a better place. I was on my way with some concerns about my final destination.

During my counseling my therapist said, If you live? and you learn? you win and PTSD fails. Over a long period of time and learning, I arrived exactly where I am a prolific and eccentric philosophic Writer.