You’re about to advertise several open positions with your company, and you’re wondering who you should look to in order to fill these roles. Why not hire veterans? You can learn more about connecting with veterans through Heroes Media Group. Hiring veterans is a smart decision for lots of business owners! Here’s why veterans make such great employees, and how you can start recruiting former service members for your team.

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans

How does it benefit your business to hire veterans? Veterans bring some qualities to the table that can be very valuable to business owners. Snelling states that veterans typically excel when it comes to teamwork, handling stressful situations, adaptability, and problem-solving under pressure.

Furthermore, hiring veterans can also allow your business to qualify for special tax breaks and incentives. For example, you may be eligible for the Wounded Warrior tax credit, a Special Employer Incentive program, or for credits against Social Security taxes.

Roles for Veterans

Before you begin recruiting veterans, it’s a good idea to consider which roles they would be best suited for. The Interview Guys states that veterans often make great managers, whether they’re managing projects, operations, or IT programs. They are often prepared for roles involving manual labor like construction, welding, or electronics repair and maintenance.

Effective Recruiting

If you want to specifically attract veteran applicants, you need to make it clear that you’re running a veteran-friendly company. You can state your commitment to hiring veterans on your website. You should also prepare a list of interview questions that will give them the chance to talk about their military experience. For instance, you may want to ask about their most significant accomplishments or times when they have overcome challenges.

Recruiting offline is also important. Think about which organizations you can network with in order to get the word out about job openings for veteran job seekers. You may also want to look into local job fairs, especially job fairs that are specifically designed for veterans who are in the process of re-entering civilian life.

Hiring veterans is a great way to provide men and women who have served their country with a path back into civilian life. Adjusting isn’t always easy, but finding gainful employment is a key step for veterans who are exiting the service. With these tips, you’ll be able to give veterans a solid foundation as they come home and rebuild their lives.


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BY: HMG Guest Writer, Erica Francis

Photo via Unsplash