On Tuesday, Election Day 2021, Republicans had a good night, as did Americans who have tired of the struggle sessions, public school indoctrination and professional consequences associated with rational and decent thinking. With Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin upsetting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe – and the flipping of Virginia to red – Americans have fired the shot heard round the country when it comes to putting down the radical progressive revolution. Here is what progressive Democrats and their activist fellow travelers in the media are pretending not to learn:

1. Democrats Are in for a World of Hurt. And They Deserve It. In 2020, President Joe Biden won the state of Virginia by 10 points. Virginia has not voted Republican in a presidential race since 2004, and Republicans had not won statewide in a decade. With liberals swarming into Virginia suburbs to begin their D.C. careers, Democrats have come to expect Virginia like Republicans expect Texas. Last night, Glenn Youngkin kicked that notion in the slats. Then the rest of the GOP ticket bent Democrats over a barrel and showed them the fifty states. In winning a clean statewide sweep (governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general), Republicans enjoyed a double-digit swing in the suburbs, with Youngkin also winning majorities of Hispanics and white women.

This proves things Democrats don’t wish to hear: Demographics is not destiny; liberal white suburban women draw the line at their six-year-olds asking why they’re supposedly evil for being born white; Republicans can win the leftist-instigated “culture wars” if courageous enough to run on them; and calling everything you don’t like racist is a losing strategy. In other words, most of the Democratic platform was rejected last night – and the rejection hasn’t even truly begun yet because this particular red wave was only a preview for the midterms.

2. Trump Is Not the Issue. Democrats are not going to win by conjuring ghosts of Trump and projecting them onto Republicans who don’t make Trump the focus of the race. Youngkin centered his campaign on the idea that children should not be indoctrinated with state-sanctioned racism in public schools, and that the teachers work for the parents and not the converse. On the other hand, McAuliffe ran against a guy who has been on vacation in Florida for the last nine months, while denying the existence of CRT in public schools and branding his constituents racist if they questioned him on it.

Trump lost in 2020 because of what the media call “Trump fatigue,” not because of staunch opposition to his policies or a mandate for radical progressivism. If Democrats continue to run against Trump and on a platform of left-wing authoritarianism, Republicans will slide nicely into place as the undisputed party of parents, individualism and free choice. And if Republicans focus on what is actually being taught in schools, the cultural landscape will be remade in a big way because parents simply don’t know the breadth of it and this is what happens when they find out.

As well, note that Republicans don’t have to denounce Trump to win, nor must they be Trump sycophants. Let Trump be Trump, and let Republicans be what their state and local constituents ask them to be.

3. Democrats Won’t Learn Anything Useful From This. Radical progressives were rejected across the country on Tuesday, not just in Virginia. Former NYPD captain Eric Adams is mayor-elect of New York City, replacing groundhog-killing communist Bill de Blasio; Minneapolis voters rejected an amendment to disband their police department; incumbent New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is in a dead heat against an unknown Republican challenger; the socialist with Chuck Schumer and AOC backing in Buffalo lost to a write-in candidate; and the lie that Democratic opposition is rooted in white supremacy was smashed to smithereens as Republicans elected the first black woman lieutenant governor and the first Hispanic attorney general in Virginia history, while also rejecting the teaching of racial essentialism in school.

In spite of this, the media have attributed the drubbing to “white rage,” “white supremacy,” and “racist dog-whistling.” In remarkable fashion, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough wondered Wednesday morning how Virginia could have gone from an “enlightened blue state to a racist state.” Americans of all persuasions are tiring of the racial bullying. Progressives should double down on this. It’ll probably go great for Democrats.

As Virginia and New York City now prepare to clean up an epic mess created by radical progressives, the rest of the country should take notice. There is no incentive for moderates to go along with the radicalism of the Biden administration; Democrats will get shellacked if they continue to create problems, especially on the cultural front, and then call upset voters delusional; and Americans aren’t happy with how things are going, and Democrats only have two solutions: call those Americans racist or call them crazy.

All in all, in the same way that the George Floyd riots were “mostly peaceful” protests according to the media, Tuesday night was a mostly good night for Democrats.

Except for the part where it wasn’t at all.

Kevin Catapano graduated from the University of Connecticut in May 2021 with a B.A. in political science. While studying, he wrote a weekly column for the student newspaper and served as a staff writer for the UConn Undergraduate Political Review. He is currently a contributor to The Western Journal.

(Flickr/Glenn Youngkin/Public Domain Mark 1.0)

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