Last month, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed a bill that expands access to the ballot box for state residents while limiting the possibility of voter fraud and irregularity, anecdotal cases of which undermined confidence in the 2020 presidential election. This, of course, brought on a brief but intense series of apoplectic spasms among our new elite ruling class.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), who has picked up a flair for the dramatic from his Hollywood girlfriend, accused Georgia Republicans of “literally squeezing the arteries of the lifeblood of America,” adding that his political opponents “are choking what makes us distinct and unique on the planet Earth.” DNC chairman Jaime Harrison said the law would take us back to “Jim Crow 2.0.” At the behest of whomever pulls his strings, President Joe Biden joined the chorus of stupidity, mouthing that this was akin to “Jim Crow in the 21st Century.”

In normal times, most Americans would simply ignore the blowhards. It is plainly obvious to those with functioning pre-frontal cortexes that voter ID requirements and prohibitions on electioneering at polling places are not akin to Jim Crow, which segregated public schools and criminalized interracial marriage. But these are not normal times. We are, in fact, living through one of the weirdest periods in American history. In part, this means that no business is allowed to be done in places in which laws are passed that the elite ruling class doesn’t like.

Naturally, Georgia-based corporations not only had to insert themselves into the political debate but repeat the proper leftist talking points – otherwise, they would be boycotted.

Delta Air Lines, which requires ID for passengers to board flights, trotted out its CEO to condemn the law for making “it harder for many Georgians, particularly those in our Black and Brown communities, to exercise their right to vote.” Coca-Cola enlisted CEO James Quincey to say that the law is a “step backward” and “needs to be remedied.” Caving to similar pressure, Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred announced that the 2021 MLB All-Star Game would be relocated from Truist Park in Cobb County, Georgia to Coors Field in Denver, Colorado (even though Colorado and Georgia have virtually identical voting laws). According to Manfred, Georgia’s election law didn’t comport with professional baseball’s democratic values – values which permit MLB to cut streaming deals with the Chinese Communist Party as it jails pro-democracy protestors and imprisons Uyghur Muslims in forced labor camps.

So here is where we stand as a country: The Democratic Party and its media allies have decided that any law they don’t like is exactly the same as the most evil laws passed in American history. The hostile political debate over these laws must permeate all aspects of American life. Nobody is allowed to remain neutral. All must pick a side – and it better be theirs.

Americans shouldn’t tolerate this. And they certainly shouldn’t tolerate complicity from the corporations they patronize.

If corporations are going to be bullied into mouthing and subsequently acting out the leftist agenda, competition should be created to cater to those Americans who they’re openly denigrating as racist and evil. In the meantime, Republicans aren’t likely to continue bending over backwards to accommodate corporations if they’re going to turn around and do the bidding of leftist activists. That the Georgia House voted to rescind a tax break for Delta indicates this sort of blowback is in the offing.

As well, Republicans should harp on the economic damage done by Democrats and their pretend-woke corporate lackeys to the same people they’re claiming to help. After MLB moved its all-star game, residents of Cobb County – which is one-third black – rightfully complained about the loss of $100 million in anticipated revenue, which would’ve been useful after a year of pandemic lockdowns. Even Stacey Abrams, whose lying was responsible for the pressure to move the game, had to admit this was a gut punch for the county’s black business owners and their community. In the lead up to the 2022 midterms, Republicans shouldn’t let anyone forget it.

Forcing corporations into the political fray and bullying them into taking sides is an ugly game to play. But if they’re going to be intimidated into compliance with the grossly-untruthful leftist narrative, Americans should push back. There is no reason to tolerate corporations pretending to be woke while parroting falsehoods and sneering at their own consumers.

Kevin Catapano is a political science student at the University of Connecticut and a contributor for Lone Conservative. He has written columns for the student newspaper and served as a staff writer for the UConn Undergraduate Political Review.

(Photo: Flickr/John Levanen/CC BY-SA 2.0)

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