On Monday, the Electoral College voted 306-232 to elect Joe Biden president of the United States on behalf of the American people. Now that President-elect Biden is in, the challenge for our left-wing media and political class is going to be getting him out.

Remember that Joe Biden was the Trojan horse for the radical leftist-types to get inside the White House, not the poster boy for their agenda. The people who spent the weeks prior to the election actively suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal didn’t do so because they wanted Joe Biden in. They did it because they wanted President Donald Trump out. With that objective accomplished, the new aim, presumably, must be installing Kamala Harris as president.

Why? Firstly, she checks off more intersectional boxes than Biden does, which bolsters the leftist push to choose people for positions of power from now on based upon their supposed group victimization. Secondly, as the most liberal member formerly of the Senate, Harris is likely more willing than Biden to enact the more radical aspects of the leftist agenda quickly and without reluctance.

Notably, a majority of Americans don’t believe Biden will finish his first term. He seems to agree, having lauded Harris’ vice-presidential debate performance as “presidential” and joked that he’d develop a disease and resign should he and Harris have a moral disagreement. This, however, sounded more like placating reassurances from a lifelong Oval Office-seeker than a binding commitment.

The theory that Biden would simply step down from the presidency doesn’t hold water. We’ve had all manner of Teapot Dome scandals, Iran-Contra affairs and Oval Office intern romps. Presidents don’t just resign. There needs to be considerable leverage against them, as there was in the lone case of Richard Nixon.

The leverage against Biden happens to be the likelihood that he was actively involved in Hunter’s corrupt business dealings, meeting with Hunter’s business associates as vice president, using his position to favorably manipulate Obama administration Ukraine policy, and taking a personal cut aside from his salary as a public servant.

The media took pains to kill this story before the election. But it’s safe to cover the story now.

From their perspective, the media have only to gain at this point. Having destroyed their own credibility throughout the entirety of the Trump administration and the election, the media have the opportunity to be seen investigating alleged corruption, holding powerful people accountable and, to the extent that they still care about the appearance of impartiality, being pictured covering a Democratic scandal. This is a difficult scene to picture given their refusal to ask Biden a single tough question during the campaign, report the negative stories about his career or press him on contradicting positions and public gaffes.

But Biden isn’t the golden goose anymore.

If he moves out of Harris’ way, the media get to cover America’s First Woman President™. As far-left progressives, they also get the far-left agenda, which likely includes a crackdown on alternative sources of information to reinstall the Old Media monopoly and suppress advances made by conservatives.

Notably, at the same time that journalists like Jake Tapper of CNN and the New York Times are beginning to cover the Hunter scandal, others like Times columnist Thomas Friedman are penning op-eds arguing that Harris needs a more powerful position in government. Either the media are poorly guising their intentions or they’re openly planting the seeds now.

The question remains as to when the move against Biden would be made. That depends upon the results of the U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia. If Republicans hold the Senate (the best case for Biden personally), the leftist agenda gets stalled for two years. Biden may as well stay in place – and he can fault Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans for the legislative holdup.

The 2022 midterms, then, are likely the end of the road, given that they’re a “lose-lose” proposition for Biden. Should the Democrats have a good night, they’ll want Harris in so they can capitalize on their majorities and pass the most legislation possible in the short period of time they have in such power. Should they lose out, the Democrats will likely do what they always seem to do after losing: fault themselves for not being radical enough. Additionally, they’d get to celebrate the first female president to overshadow the fact that Republicans had a wonderful night at their expense.

If the Democrats grab the Senate in January, though, the workings against Biden could be expedited. With serious corruption allegations hanging over his head (not even yet including a special counsel), an ambitious and radical underling scheming on-deck, and a dominant leftist faction in the party which got him elected and expects its agenda enacted, Biden’s presidency is looking exactly as he described it himself: merely transitional.

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