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According to a recent Navigator poll, the majority of Americans did not believe the Mueller report would exonerate President Trump of allegedly colluding illicitly with the Russian government or obstructing justice during the ensuing investigation. The study, conducted in early April, has proven prophetically accurate. The media, on the other hand, have demonstrated themselves an injudicious bunch of dolts.

After Attorney General William Barr released his four-page summary of the Mueller report on March 24, conservatives, including President Trump, seized victory in the aftermath of a multi-year, multi-faceted blitzkrieg of the president’s political and personal dealings driven by a questionable, yet entirely unambiguous, modus operandi.

The media—who no doubt own generous frontage on the left—have sought for legitimately years at this point to delegitimize the results of the 2016 election, unseat a democratically-elected public servant, and sow chaos and resentment among a genuinely cohesive front. The United States of America is the greatest country on earth because of the collective ideals that set the backbone of this nation in its proper anatomical position, bound together and united by the ligature of American values.

The media have curb stomped those American commonalities in utter disdain for a man they adored for decades prior to his foray into politics.

As the Mueller report has definitely clarified—insufficient evidence is definitive innocence under the U.S. judicial system—President Trump did not undermine an American election by conspiring with a foreign government. The media, not the president, have undermined this nation.

The National Anthem is sacrosanct in America because we appreciate the ultimate sacrifice paid by those who came before and who presently dare in order to build and preserve the fabric of a nation—despite its faults, both historical and current—that provides equal opportunity and freedom for all. After a deviant ingrate hijacked that ceremony, President Trump criticized the disrespect and emphasized American values and patriotism, particularly with reverence to our troops. The media slandered him as racist.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) referenced the September 11th terrorist attacks as “some people did something” and subsequently purported that President George W. Bush too had trivialized the deadliest terror attacks in American history. President Trump righteously criticized Omar, additionally tweeting a video of horrific 9/11 coverage with the congresswoman’s direct words. The media smeared the president and conservatives, in aggregate, as racist while dishonestly conflating legitimate reproach with incitement of violence.

The Mueller report at last emerged from the bowels of the human imagination Thursday, much to the dismay of leftists who proceeded to syndicate their vindictive contempt for President Trump. Democrats deviated from the logically delineated confines of reasonable rationale in order to swim among the darkest, most desirable fantasies of leftist wonderland. The Mueller report stated explicitly, “the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” With no guilt to quench their thirst for blood, the media pivoted to ambiguous accusations of obstructing justice.

CNN’s Jeremy Herb and Laura Jarrett wrote a piece on Friday in which they reported, “Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible obstruction of justice could not clear President Donald Trump.” This is entirely backwards. It is not the job of the prosecution to prove innocence, you dolts. The Mueller report needed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that President Trump did, in fact, obstruct justice. Robert Mueller concluded that there was insufficient evidence for obstruction.

It is not illegal for the president to instruct his staffers to lie to the press (the media are not prosecutors). Just immoral. It is not obstruction for the president to fulminate publicly about the investigation as he does have First Amendment rights. Given that it is legally necessary to prove criminal intent when prosecuting obstruction, prosecutors would need to be omniscient in order to ascertain the president’s resolve while pardoning or firing.

There is little here to permit prosecution, but impeachment is still on the table and the media are eagerly awaiting dinner. Here lies the danger.

A free press is paramount to the preservation of democracy, but their influence wields the sinister potential for a rogue mutiny. With a majority of young Americans believing that President Trump is illegitimate, Democrats have already publicly advocated impeachment proceedings. There is now a push to remove a sitting president from office—not on the basis of criminal wrongdoing, but contempt.

Whether or not the 116th Congress will acquiesce remains to be seen. But, the nation is already divided. The National Anthem has become controversial, the September 11th attacks irreverent, and the justice system weaponized. The media are complicit in the polarization of America and the denigration of her social infrastructure. If they don’t soon adhere to the objective confines of their job description, the media will be responsible, not for the preservation of American democracy, but for its destruction.