Chalk it up to divine providence but the walk from Northgate to Kyle Field yielded another amazing story.

A beautiful girl passed by and Chris almost broke his neck checking her out. His wife Erika laughed and started teasing him. Thinking to myself these people seemed cool I walked up and told Chris I caught him looking too but its okay because I’m a writer.

They both laughed and I asked if either had a military connection.

Both of their Dads served in the Texas National Guard and help after Hurricane Carla which until Harvey was the worst storm Texas had seen.

Then Erika told me about her Great Uncle Glen Clecker.

Glen and his buddy Harlon graduated early from Weslaco High School and enlisted in the Marine Corps 14 months after Pearl Harbor.

They ended up on Iwo Jima.

Harlon was one of the Marines Joe Rosenthal captured in his famous raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima picture and didn’t make it home. 

Glen did made it home and served as a coach and assistant principal at Harlingen High School, principal at Vernon Junior High, and principal at Alamo 9th Grade. He died at the age of 91.

I asked Erika what she remembered most and she said it was positive energy and happiness.

To me this was amazing because this guy had seen war in a way few ever will and somehow he was able to leave a positive image all these years later.

An image and story that will influence her family for generations.

I left them at the entrance to Kyle Field and we watched the Aggies beat the LA-Monroe Warharks 48-10.

The Aggies play Alabama this weekend.

This will be Jimbo Fisher’s inauguration into the SEC West and the first true test of his teams depth.

Alabama handed Ole Miss 62-7 last Saturday and is looking to roll into another National Championship.

Not many are giving the Aggies a chance. However they have one if they play a complete game on offense and not give up the deep ball on defense.

We will see what happens at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday.

If you are like me and won’t be there be sure to catch it on CBS at 2:30 (central).





By HMG Staff Writer: Justin Houck