There is a rumor going on in the NASCAR Xfinity Series this week and if you’re not paying attention, you might think there was a game of musical cars being played.  The rumor is that there is a mystery driver for the #74 car in Michigan this weekend, well we are here to put that rumor to bed!  This week in Michigan, driving the #74 Chevy Camaro will be… BJ McLeod!  Go ahead, take a moment to let that sit-in and once you’re in you better buckle up cause this weekend will be a weekend to remember!

We caught up with Mike Harmon today and here’s what he had to say, “The decision of BJ McLeod piloting the #74 is about business overseeing the equipment and team. The truck series is with the Indy cars at Texas Motor Speedway that means no drivers available! All the NASCAR drivers are at Michigan International Speedway, it was the BEST business decision for Mike Harmon Racing (MHR) for me to do Texas with the truck series and let BJ drive the car at Michigan. BJ does a tremendous job, he knows the responsibility of driving these cars and realizes there are families that depend on MHR for their livelihood and depend on MHR to make that happen.”

When asked BJ McLeod (Pictured right) for a comment here’s what he had to say. “This weekend I will be stepping into the #74 Mike Harmon Chevy Camaro at Michigan. It was a decision both myself and Harmon’s team have made together as Mike will be racing the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Texas Motor Speedway. We’re going to see what Jason (MHR Crew Chief) and I can do with this car on the track. We have worked together in the past, which brings a great combination come race day.”

Jason Houghtaling, Mike Harmon Racing Crew Chief States:

“I am very excited to have BJ driving the number 74 car it has been a few years since I worked with BJ and I am looking forward to it.  We are thankful that BJ is able to help us with the boss driving the truck in Texas and us having a small budget not being able to spend a ton of money on plane tickets it is great to have friends like BJ. I feel that we have a strong car for this weekend. I, as a crew chief, feel that with the rules package, this is going to be a speedway style race and I like our chances in that situation.”

So there you have it folks!  No more wondering who’s driving what or where.  Mike Harmon will be in the truck at the Texas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series – Rattlesnake 400. BJ McLeod will be driving the #74 Chevy Camaro at the Michigan International Speedway for the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

The Rumor has been put to rest, LET’S GO RACING!

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