Denver, CO: KOTA Longboards, a custom longboard manufacturer, announces the launch of a WeFunder Campaign to secure and expand market reach in the US Action Sports Market.

KOTA Longboards started in the Spring of 2012, out of the Founders garage and has expanded into an 10,000 sq ft factory in Denver, Colorado. KOTA has steadily refined it’s processes and reach nationally through direct to consumer sales, co-brand relationships such as Anheuser Busch, Wounded Warrior Project and many others and through deliberate expansion into brand-centric, national retail options, such as Scheels and Ron Jon Surf Shop.  Repeatedly, KOTA has been featured in iconic publications such as Outside Magazine, Men’s Journal, and Popular Mechanics, KOTA Longboards has created a following of both longboard enthusiasts and those trying the sport for the first time.

KOTA makes longboard skateboards that appeal to the active lifestyle market. Our customer base is atypical for a longboard company because our boards are atypical. Spanning the young professional to the retiree, we provide the right product to attract a clientele to longboarding that would otherwise not skate. We’ve got revenue growth, scalable operations and multiple sales channels (direct, retail and co-brands) to get us to profitability. The market is there, we need capital to go get it,” said KOTA Longboards Founder, Mike Maloney.

Angela Hermann, a KOTA Longboards customer describes her experience stating, “Learning to skateboard has been a dream of mine for many years.  As an adult I finally had the opportunity a few years ago to try longboarding. My KOTA board has provided me the opportunity to experience incredible moments, discover fun downhills in the road, and new places.  Whether on my own or with friends my best days are when I get to take my KOTA out and just fly.”

KOTA’s success to-date is due to innovations such as KOTAgrip, a clear, non-porous durable grip finish that allows both sides of the deck to become a usable art surface. The result is not only a functional piece of art, but a high performance riding experience that allows the skater to ride with confidence without the use of traditional grip tape for the life of the longboard.

In 2017, KOTA spent several months beta testing various combinations of motors, batteries, electronic speed controllers, remotes and other electronics with their decks. They immediately felt that the carving performance, KOTAgrip finish and style of their decks made for an electric deck differ from anything else on the market. They successfully launched their Spitfire MkV in December quickly selling out of their pre-orders. In March 2018, KOTA successfully raised $21,000 in a few days on Kickstarter to expand their access to raw materials and increase delivery times.


KOTA is the only company who can offer a high performance ride, choice of board shape with any KOTA graphic on the top of your eBoard featuring best in class battery, motor and components. With KOTA the eBoard market finally has its complete package!


Interested in being a part of KOTA Longboards future? Check out this unique opportunity on WeFunder today and set KOTA Longboards on a rapid path to success!

About KOTA: KOTA Longboards is lifestyle company that manufacturers customs longboards and eboards in Denver, CO.  KOTA, Knights of the Air. Honor. Courage. Freedom.



This Article is shared with permission from our friends at KOTA Longboards