Heroes Media Group Launches Transcription Services

Phoenix, AZ – Heroes Media Group, LLC announced their new transcription service to support the HMG audience and clients.  HMG will transcribe your audio or video into text with their new equipment, technology and the best transcribers in the country.

“This was a real need or requirement for our clients so we decided to procure the service and offer it,” said Adam Bird, founder of HMG and former Soldier.  “We are creating employment opportunities right here in the USA with the accuracy and efficiency you can’t find by sourcing overseas!”

HMG was able to hire professional transcribers as opposed to computer technology. Transcribing an audio or video file allows a client to capture the content and re-use it in various other mediums.  This service was routinely contracted overseas or through a computer-based literacy program.  HMG recognized an opportunity to support their clientele with an accurate and efficient system and is now offering it to clients.

“What sets HMG apart from other companies is our reputable character and integrity,” said Bird.  “Our team stands by our work.”

More information about all programming and Heroes Media Group services is at www.heroesmediagroup.com or by phone at 202.656.7859.   Visit this growing media outlet today.