Canadian-born, Chris Atley is a CEO, Success Coach, Speaker and Author.  Tune in and listen how this wife and mother of two kids found her calling after ten years of being in a business that was mostly run by men, to watch the movie “The Secret”.  Chris finds herself learning all she can about this new fire that lies within her.  Here what she does and the things she had to overcome to get her to be one on the best coaches in the world (Coach of the Year in 2014).

Here is a snippet from the show.

Host:  There’s different types of coaching, right?  So, you have like, business development coaching, like, professional – or personal development, stuff like that.  What type of coaching do you specialize in?

          GuestYeah.  That’s such a great question.  And it is such a wide range of coaching right now.  And people saying they’re coaches when they haven’t had a coach training — you know, that kind of seems to be the new buzz word as well, so — just something to think about to actually have the credentials that go along with it.

          But, anyways, yeah, so, I am a business success coach.  So, I work a lot with small business owners, entrepreneurs, who either are working for themselves or have a small team and who are, you know – they’ve seen business success, so they’re usually a few years in.  I used to work more with people who were just starting out, but not so much anymore.

          And, what — as I’ve evolved and grown over the years, I’ve really started to focus on the mindset piece and the belief systems.  So, people have these, you know, massive goals and lifestyle goals that they want to achieve, and their business that they’re super passionate about really is their vehicle for helping them to live the life that they want to live.  And, so, we look at the belief systems they need to have in place in order to create the results so that they can live that lifestyle.

          And, this really evolved over the past ten years.  It is not where I started at all.


Host:  For the listeners that are out there right now and they’ve been listening to you – and make sure you guys – you know, if you’re listening and you want to work with Chris and you want to reach out to her, go to her website, — it’s  And, make sure – make sure you reach out to her.  You’ll be happy that you did.  But, for the listeners that are out there listening right now and their – their decision hour’s upon them, what advice would you give them?

GuestI would say to really, as best as you can, tune into your heart and make decisions from your heart, ‘cause the head can just talk us out of it, and –

          You know, I was on this, kind of, spiritual retreat.  We worked with this shaman in Peru.  And, was so amazing, and he just had the greatest advice that we should make decisions from our hearts about what we’re passionate about and what we love and what brings us joy and then use our mind for the wisdom that it has to carry it out.  And I thought, that is just – right?  How amazing –

Host:  That’s deep, yeah.

Guest:and it’s almost like giving yourself the permission to just really tune into your heart and be honest and give yourself permission and then use, you know, your wonderful mind to help you put the pieces in place after.

Host:  Awesome.  Chris, appreciate you being on the show today.


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