In this episode I sit and talk with the President of Mauriello Enterprises Inc. Mr. Anthony Mauriello. Hear how he started off learning as much as he could about the financial and tax industries to then starting his own company helping others with their money.  If you need your Taxes done this is the man to see but he does so much more. Anthony and his staff treat you like family.  check out

Hear is a snippet where Antony gives some solid advice.


Show host –  Folks, if you’re listening to the show right now, it means you’re already on the Internet.  Check Anthony out.  Go to his website:,  Anthony, the show is called, “The Decision Hour.”  Meaning and this is a question I ask all my guests, name a time in your life where your feet were on the line and that “decision hour” came to you?  Whether it was starting your own business or moving up corporate ladder or, or moving, or whatever the case may be.  Explaine to the listeners what that “decision hour” was and what the atmosphere was like when you were going through it.


Guest – Sure.  Sure.  Prior to where I am today, um- we stated earlier I try to develop a culture, um- in myself, in how I handle you as one soul speaking to another.  One individual to another individual and we’re people.  So, that to the side I want to treat you like your my cousin, my brother, or, the opposite.  If you’re an elderly woman I’m gonna treat you as though you’re my grandmother, because you’re somebody’s grandmother.  So, prior to starting my own business, um-, right out of college, I worked at a firm, uh-, shortly thereafter, I passed my (inaudible) exam and they– I was fortunate enough to be made partner and — they had a—an endearing gentlemen.  Strictly he was on (inaudible) how to grow the business.  Um- and at that point I’m faced with, hey, ya know, I’m comfortable, I’m young, uh-, fall back, fall in line and this will be okay.  Uh-, but I kinda just knew that there was more for me, in how I wanted to serve and it was a tough decision because I was neighbors with one of the partners. They were my elders, I had utmost respect and I still do, for them, but I didn’t expect that I felt the different calling and that I just wanted a different business model for myself.  So at a very young age I decided hey gentleman, I — I think it’s time for me to branch out, and not knowing what they would say.   You know at that point they could have said, hey listen, good luck to you, but all of our (inaudible) is for our clients, these are our everything.  We’ve got a non-compete and get out of the–, go somewhere else and good luck opening your own place.  Very, very fortunately for me, none of that happened and it was a very respectful conversation and, — that was really um-, — it kind of fell into place very nicely fortunately for me. And I generally feel, without feeling like I’m patting myself on the back, that’s karma that people talk about, that’s how you deal with the situation.  And this is why I still have the utmost respect for this gentleman today and, we just won at other seminars, twenty years later. We hug, we laugh, we reminisce and um-, I have my business that was branched off of theirs.  They’re still running theirs and um-, that’s where I am today Adam.

Show host –That’s an amazing story Anthony, I appreciate you sharing that with us.

Guest –  Thanks man. 

Show host – One last question for you before we let you go.  If you got somebody listening, right now, and their, their hour is upon them as we speak, uh-, what advice do you have to give them?

Guest – You know what man?  Do it.  As long as you’re not hurting (laughing), if you’re not hurting anyone, and you know,  and I do a lot of reading and there’s so many clichés and you hear so many stories and the nurse is on the death bed, taking a journal, and nobody ever says, “I wish I spent more time at the office,” and nobody ever– callings about the risks they didn’t take. Ya know, I think we have wings.  We’re meant to fly and I– so sometimes there’s a crossroad, you’ve gotta have that faith if God is put before you then, you’re going to walk through life.  You’re going to get through it and sometimes it’s not the direction you think it’s gonna go.  Ya know, sometimes you, you’re gonna go the longer way back to get results and sometime maybe that result isn’t even how things are.  You’ve gotta continually, instantly advance yourself as well.  


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