Broken & Blessed is a show for everyone.

Broken in sin is who we are. When we can openly admit that we need God in our life, only then, can the healing process truly begin.  When this happens, we open ourselves up for blessings, that can pour down like rain.

Host Adam Bird and James Boggs, two salty Military Veterans, that share some of their own personal experiences and life lessons.  What does it mean to be broken?  What do blessings look like? Hear about how their FAITH in Jesus Christ has taken these men on a path that has gotten them where they are today.

Broken & Blessed, you will hear stories of Faith, Life and Servanthood, but more than that you will hear how these two servants have kept persevering and what God has done in their lives.

About Hosts

James Boggs is a 20-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps and United States Army.

In the Marines, he served as an air traffic controller and recruiter for 10 years, and deploying to OIF 1 as fire support team leader with the 1st Marine Division.

With a three-year break of service serving as a Police Officer for the City of Lakeland, Florida, James decided to go back on active duty, but this time as a Warrant Officer flying UH-60’s in the Army. There James deployed back to Iraq and then to Afghanistan.

After his combats tours were over, he served as an instructor pilot at Fort Rucker and then on to Fort Bragg as a MEDEVAC Pilot where he would eventually retire from active duty.

James now serves as the President of the Board/Executive Director for TEAM  ADDO, a 501c3 non-profit, that raises much needed awareness and funds for children with special needs and Veterans. James is also pursuing his passion for wood working as he started Sanando Terra (Healing land) Ranch Custom Wood Furniture in hopes to take it to a full time legitimate business.

Adam Bird is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Heroes Media Group LLC.

Heroes Media Group (HMG) is a Digital Media Branding platform committed to providing a voice for our community heroes and those who support them. HMG is dedicated to providing education, entertainment and empowerment to: Active Duty Service Members, Veterans, Firefighters, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Educators, Medical Professionals, and Clergy.

Adam earned his Bachelors Degree in Business Management in 2011. He is an experienced entrepreneur and leader in building companies, educating, training and mentoring and empowering teams to success. Ultimately, Adam founded HMG to create jobs reorganize the way media is consumed and trusted on a global scale.

He also hosts the podcasts, ‘The Decision Hour’ and is a executive producer and publisher.

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