Camouflaged Sisters chronicles the courageous path of 14 women who overcame various internal and external struggles during their military careers. These veterans give open accounts of how they adapted, achieved work-life balance, relied on their faith, and used mentorship as a vital tool in their success pre- and post-military career. Buy it here:

If God exists, why does he allow so much pain and suffering? 

It is a question at the center of many arguments against the existence of God and a conundrum that stumps even the most devout worshipers. What do we make of pain and suffering? What does it cost us? What is its value? How can an all-loving God allow for world catastrophe, grave illness, and devastating carnage?  Buy it here:

If we were never faced with battles that needed to be overcome, not only would we not have the opportunity to be molded into the warriors within us, but we would also never be able to boast of the mighty power of God. After all, his power inevitably deems us victorious in the end.  Buy it here:

In an attention-grabbing story, author Karl P. Monger shares his experiences as a United States Army officer, including the transition trials he experienced when he left the Army and sought to find purpose in civilian life. Despite government programs and 40,000 nonprofits dedicated to veterans, transition from the military remains a veteran’s greatest challenge. Monger highlights a common sense approach for veterans to gain control over their transition and shows how communities can help them achieve lives of hope and purpose.  Buy It Here:

There are many books on yoga which will go deep into the meanings of enlightenment and righteousness. This isn’t one of them. 

This book is about using the physical practice (asana) of yoga to specifically train for life. It’s about living a life of balance, feeling calmer, more peaceful, and being connected even in times of adversity or chaos. Buy it Here:

A retired and disabled Army veteran, mother, and military spouse, reflects back on her life’s traumas and how she found purpose amongst pain, anxiety, and depression.  Buy it Here: